Thermal geometry

– Structural IR measurements

Laser scanning is a well established technique for “as is” documentation of large structures. The combination of high resolution geometric and thermal data will provide new and crucial information for the energy sector.

The department of Measurement Science and Technology at RISE is appointed National Metrology Institute by the Swedish government. We utilize, evaluate, develop and provide quality assured measurements for a wide range of customers and applications.

At the technological forefront

With a long history of providing geometric, electric, force, torque, flow and thermal data for users and producers in the energy sector as separate products, we are now joining forces to become a unique partner for research and innovation.

Our field equipment, laboratory resources and highly qualified personnel are ready to deliver the best possible measurements to our customers and partners.

Measurement technology is developing at an increasingly higher pace and the most recent steps can be hard to keep up with. Our specialty is towards measurements as such, and we aim to stay at the forefront of the technological development.

Combining different properties

Our newest instruments allow combinations of infrared and geometry measurements, e.g. considering investigations of ice growth and thermal distribution with possible millimetre precision and sub-centigrade resolution with a density of one point per square centimetre.

Other options include monitoring of heat distribution inside the nacelle for security as well as for efficiency measures. The combinations of different entities are innumerable and we can aid to sort out the most important in each situation.


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