Applied Acoustics

– Sound and vibration

RISE has extensive experience in assessing noise and vibration characteristics.


We are the National Standards Laboratory for sound and vibration and offer calibration of measuring equipment for these areas. Most types of those instruments are calibrated at our premises, i.e. for sound pressure, audiometric equipment, sound power and vibration transducers, meters of force and impedance transducers.

Building acoustics

Our laboratories are well suited for determination of sound insulation, sound absorption, sound pressure level, sound power level and insertion loss. We also measure the corresponding qualities in the field.

Environmental noise

Our main activity is developing new and better prediction methods. By routine, we also carry out measurements and calculations of traffic noise and industrial noise, insertion loss of traffic noise barriers and sound insulation of facades.

Machinery noise

In our hemi-anechoic room and our reverberation room we can carry out all relevant measurements of machinery noise according to Swedish and international standards. We are also well equipped to provide the corresponding services in the field, including surveys of noise at the work place. Besides, we determine sound insulation, sound absorption and damping of machine relevant products.


According to EU’s directive manufacturers of machines shall declare the vibration levels the operators are subjected to. The declaration shall be based on measurements under standardised operating conditions and include information about its uncertainty. RISE can do hand-arm and whole body vibration measurements and also help to calculate proper values for vibration declarations.


We are accredited for most relevant acoustic laboratory and field measurement standards such as IEC 61400-11 Wind turbines – Acoustic Noise Measurement Techniques.


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