– Force and torque

The calibration services at RISE Measurement Science and Technology covers the needs in every technology area. By using our services for calibrating your measurement instruments the necessary traceablity will be ensured. We also give you close access to metrology expertise in the various fields of measurement technology.

We calibrate all possible force and torque transducers e.g. load cells, dynamometers and sensors for crash testing, and also complete measurement systems and built-in sensors in loading machines. Furthermore, we calibrate various scales like spring scales and crane scales.

Laboratory or field calibration

We perform calibrations both in our laboratories at RISE but also on site at the client’s premises. On site, we calibrate for example loading machines in tension or compression, but also shop floor measurement equipment like torque wrenches.

Measurement capability for calibration of force and torque

• Force – compression 1 N to 6 MN

• Force – tension 1 N to 1 MN

• Loading machines – maximum load 18 MN

• Torque – 0,1 Nm to 5000 Nm

Traceability and quality assurance

As a National Metrology Institute the RISE force laboratory is responsible for the primary Swedish reference for force with traceability to the Swedish realisation of the kilogram and the gravitational acceleration determined by Lantmäteriet. Thus, we possess the complete traceability chain required by modern quality assurance whereby we can offer top quality calibration services for standards and instruments.

We offer services in the following areas:

• Measurement technology development

• Measurement method development

• Validation of measurement methods and products

• Measurement data management

• Measurement sensors and systems

• Measurement uncertainty analyses

• Calibrations and calibration strategies

• Training

• Measurement comparisons


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