– High voltage

We provide calibration services for high currents and voltages on-site and in-house.

On-site calibration services

Reduced down-time while maintaining measurement performance and complying with current standards. This is a reality with RISE field calibration.

Measurement equipment for high currents and voltages are often complicated to transport for calibration. Because of this, we have developed world-unique expertise and resources for field measurements at customer’s premises or in high-voltage installations such as switchyards etc.

Our in-house calibrated references have very short traceability chains to our primary standards being the National Metrology Laboratory in Sweden providing the customer with high quality results. We have satisfied customers all over the world ranging from small business owners to multinational companies with calibrations scopes from single instruments to total commitment.

In-house calibration services

One of our most common services is calibration of current transformers.

Years of experience and development of methods gives us the opportunity to provide calibration of current transformers for competitive prices and delivery time.

AC current

  • Power frequency AC current measuring systems up to 4 200 A
  • Current transformer ratio error and phase displacement up to 4 200 A primary current and any convenient secondary current
  • Current transformer burdens

DC current

  • DC current measuring systems up to 6 000 A
  • Current transformers for DC up to 6 000 A


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