Cold climate areas are providing huge potential for wind power all around the globe. But chill and ice demand a great deal on robust, efficient technology, tested in real conditions.

Uljabuouda – A Hot Spot for Icy Wind Power

The Cold Climate Test Centre will be a full scale test station in the municipality of Arjeplog in the northern part of Sweden. It will be focusing on test, validation and certification activities for the wind industry.

At Uljabuouda we have the opportunity to offer…

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  • Excellent conditions for testing wind turbines, turbine components or sub systems in cold climate conditions.
  • An opportunity to regularly perform tests based on the industry’s constant technological development.
  • An easily accessible test site – for engineers and technicians, as well as turbines and other components.
  • Comfortable training opportunities for service personnel in cold climate conditions.
  • Full test and validation service during the product development phase.
  • Accurate wind measurements from precision instruments mounted on the test centre’s meteorological masts.
  • A location calibrated and prepared for certification of cold climate editions of wind turbines.
  • Tests following the current standards for low temperature wind power.

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A strong consortium is forming
the Cold Climate Test Centre Uljabuouda

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is leading the Cold Climate Test Centre.

RISE is an effective link between research and commercialisation and offers a wide range of experience and expertise, such as:

  • Facilities of research and development of wind turbine optimization, surveillance and servicing in cold climate.
  • Sensor network infrastructure for turbine monitoring using arbitrary sensors.
  • Testing and analysis for the mechanical engineering and electronics industries, including material and surface analyses.
  • Testing and analysis of metallic materials, composites and cast products.

Our partners

  • Skellefteå Kraft – a regional developer and power utility operating 930 GWh wind power, all in cold climate conditions.
  • Vindkraftscentrum – an organisation in the northern part of Sweden who promotes the establishment of wind power.
  • Vinnova – the Swedish national research funding agency for innovation and sustainable growth.
  • Swedish Wind Power Technology Centre (SWPTC) – a research center formed by the technical universities of Chalmers and Luleå.
  • Vattenfall – a utility company operating more than 1 000 wind turbines, from the cold Nordic to places further south in Europe.
  • ECN (Energy Research Centre of The Netherlands) – the largest energy research institute in the Netherlands.
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Skellefteå Kraft
Swedish Wind Power Technology Centre